Ukraine prime minister resigns

Kiev, Jan 28 (IANS/ITAR -TASS) Ukraine’s Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov resigned Tuesday in view of deadly clashes and protests in the country.

“The conflict situation in the country threatens economic and social development in Ukraine and poses a threat to whole Ukrainian society and each citizen in the country,” the government press service quoted Azarov as saying.
In his words, the government was doing everything possible for peaceful settlement of the conflict.
“We did and are doing everything possible to avert bloodshed, escalation of violence and violations of human rights. The government has provided for economy and social security system to work in extreme conditions,” Azarov noted, adding that an acute and dangerous conflict for Ukrainian citizens and fate of the country demands additional responsible steps.
“To create additional capabilities for public and political compromise and for the sake of peaceful settlement of the conflict I have taken a personal decision to ask the Ukrainian president to accept my resignation from the post of the country’s prime minister,” he said.
He said he did everything possible for Ukraine to be able to develop well as a democratic European country.
“I have taken decisions and assumed responsibility in the interests of Ukrainian people. Therefore, I can look frankly in the eyes of each citizen of our country, each compatriot,” Azarov added.
He noted that what was most important today was to preserve the unity and integrity of Ukraine.
“This is much more important than someone’s personal plans and ambitions. Therefore, I have taken this decision,” Azarov added.