The Doon valley was made famous by Ruskin Bond in his writings. Many a stories were based in and around the Doon Valley and the town of Dehra. Historic evidence shows that the current Dehradun is nothing but the same town of Dehra which was located in the Doon valley. Nestled amid the tall Himalayan mountain ranges, the place is well known for its scenic views of mountains and valleys. Several spots in and around Dehradun hold ones fancy as tourists trot from one to another. Here are a few highlights of the best tourist places nearby.


Sahastradhara: This place is a beautiful place for even spending an entire day. The water body which seems like the origin spot of a river is rich in Sulphur and therefore considered healthy for all kinds of ailments. People even drink a few gulps of the water directly from the source and some have indeed reported healing properties of the same. The healing properties of Sulphur have been scientifically proved and many a people throng to Sahastradhara to get rid of several kinds of ailments that have been affecting them. There is also a ropeway to a temple located at a height above the picnic spot.


Guchhupani: This place is known as The Robber’s Cave in English and is famous for a disappearing river. Yes, the river disappears! What actually happens is that a flowing river, goes underground for a while, flows underneath the usual rocky surface and resurfaces at a distance. The water level isn’t very dangerous and people take a walk along the underground cave all the time. It is indeed a beautiful sight and a one of a kind experience to behold such a unique natural existence. Nature truly is at its best here in Gucchupani.

While talking about Dehradun, one cannot miss mentioning the hill station of Mussoorie. Mussoorie is popularly known as the Queen of hills, mainly because of its beauty and splendor and is located approximately 35 kms away from the city center of Dehradun in the Garhwal hill ranges. The town of Mussoorie is located at an altitude of 6500 feet above mean sea level which roughly equals 2003 meters. The charming hill station offers breath taking views along the mall road all the way up to the interiors. Snow fall is also witnessed at a few places in Mussoorie during the month of late January and February.


One of the main attractions of Mussoorie is the Kempty falls. People throng the place all year round as it is a perennial fall.  The fall is located 13 kms away from the mall road of Mussoorie and is nearly 1364 meters above sea level. Garhwal hills of Utarakhand ranges up to a height of around 4500 feet and it is a beauty to even look at the splish – splash of the falls.

How to reach? Dehradun is connected by rail and road to Delhi and a number of trains ply on this route. The journey is a matter of a few hours and depending on the time requirements, plenty of trains are available to choose from. The most preferred however is the Shatabdi express which leaves from Delhi in late afternoon and reaches Dehradun at night. Being one of the premier trains, it also offers a good service to the travelers. The road distance is less than 250 kms and can easily be covered in less than 6 hrs.

Where to stay? Hotels across all budget ranges are available in Dehradun as well as Mussoorie. Tourists can even book a travel package to Mussoorie from Dehradun itself. It is possible to cover the hill station in a day and return by night. Overnight packages are also available with tour operators. One can further choose whether to travel by a car or in a group on a bus. One can even arrange one’s own trip as government buses ply the distance at regular intervals. Private taxis on seat sharing basis are also available.

Overall, Dehradun and Mussoorie are two places in the Northern India which should be a must in each travelers bucket list. The serene calm of Dehradun and beauty of the Queen of Hills is a must visit in one’s lifetime.