Los Angeles, Feb 4 (IANS) Actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are reportedly planning to make a spoof reality series.

Lawrence, 25, is said to be teaming up with her 34-year-old friend, who she has also been working with on a movie screenplay, for a programme in which they will play heightened versions of themselves, reports femalefirst.co.uk.
“Jennifer is obsessed with reality TV – in particular ‘The Real Housewives’ – so when Amy first proposed the idea of a spoof reality show, she was immediately enthusiastic,” Britain’s Grazia magazine quoted a source as saying.
“She loves the idea of being part of a show that depicts female friendship honestly and satirises Hollywood at the same time,” the source added.
The “Hunger Games” star isn’t afraid to laugh at herself and will even poke fun at her love life, including her on and off relationship with Chris Martin.
“Few things will be off-limits and considering how things ended with Chris, there is definitely cause for him to be concerned.
“Jennifer doesn’t feel she owes Chris anything,” the source said.