Brasilia, Feb 4 (IANS) A Brazilian judge has banned the publication of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle), ruling that it “incites intolerant practices” of social and religious groups against the Jews.

Alberto Salomao Junior, judge from Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, on Wednesday said in the ruling that the book, instigating racism and discrimination, was against the law of Brazil, Xinhua news agency reported citing a press release.
According to the ruling, any publishing house violating the verdict will be fined 5,000 reals ($1,280) for each day the book reaches the public.
However,the judge granted a five-day period for book shops and their legal representatives to consider whether to lodge an appeal before the ruling becomes permanent. Even after it becomes permanent, the ruling is applicable only in the state of Rio de Janeiro.
‘Mein Kampf’, written by Adolf Hitler in 1925, elaborates on the ideology which he used to rule Nazi Germany. The notorious book attracted public attention at the end of 2015, when it was published in Germany for the first time since the end of Second World War.
Two Brazilian publishing houses have decided to publish a new version of the controversial book, which has already hit book shelves in the South American country.