Embark on a journey that takes you into the lives of three ordinary men who made a name for themselves through hard work and strong determination: a brave police officer who became a celebrated police historian, a tale of making it big in Indian broadcasting and a small trader who built up one of India’s largest electrical goods companies. Then, turn to a dark mysterious world wrought with love, secrets and evil. Finally, some tips to save relationships in a gadget dominated era. IANS Books This Weekend offers you varied fare. Read on!

1. Book: Caught by the Police; Authors: Ranjit Gupta, Harsh Gupta, Meera Yog, Madhukar Gupta, Deepak Gupta; Publisher: Roli Books; Pages: 304; Price: Rs. 449
The is the story of Dr. Anandswarup Gupta, a brave and intrepid police officer who went on to become a celebrated police historian.
The book focusses on the extraordinary life and work of Dr. Gupta, an erudite man with a multi-dimensional personality,against the backdrop of the last years of British rule, the emergence of a new India. It is a compelling family chronicle. The book also features Dr. Gupta’s own accounts of his life experiences extracted from his personal diary.
2. Book: The Z Factor; Author: Subhash Chandra with Pranjal Sharma; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 281; Price: Rs. 699
Hailing from a small town in Haryana, a 20-year-old young man came to Delhi with Rs.17 in his pocket. Today he has a net worth of $6.3 billion. Meet Subhash Chandra, the promoter of Essel/Zee Group.
The book takes one deep look into Chandra’s life – how he worked as a teen to pay off family debts, why he never hesitates to take risks and how he made Zee TV into one of India’s leading broadcast channels.
3. Book: Havells, The Untold Story of Qimmat Rai Gupta; Publisher: Portfolio/Penguin; Pages: 281; Price: Rs.599
Written by his son Anil Rai Gupta, this is the story of QRG, as he was widely known, braved poverty, ill-health, competition and corruption to turn his dreams into reality.
Havells faced stiff competition from companies that couldn’t tolerate a modest trader challenging them. Despite legal battles, family feuds and severe fund shortages, QRG never gave up.
4. Book: Dark Things; Author: Sukanya Venkatraghavan; Publisher: Hachette India; Pages: 355; Price: Rs. 350
Ardra, the protagonist, has been destined to kill men after drawing out their deepest, darkest secrets for her evil mistress Hera – the queen of the forsaken realm of Atala. On blood moon night, Dwai, her chosen victim, survives leaving Ardra in distress.
However, she has one more important task to do – find answers about the powers the blood moon holds. Will she be able to get her answers? Read on to resolve the mystery.
5. Book: Happy Relationships; Author: Lucy Beresford; Publisher: Fingerprint; Pages: 263; Price: Rs. 250
Has social media made our communicating skills weak? Why do we find relationships upsetting and frustrating as we turn old? Why do some relationships give us great joy and others become toxic?
In an era where handling relationships is becoming an onerous task, psychotherapist Lucy Beresford cuts through the chase of how to have a harmonious, fulfilling relationship in this insightful and warmly written book. Her words will boost confidence, encourage insights and empower you to be the best in all relationships.