New Delhi, Feb 5 (IANS) Men are logging onto the virtual world to buy personal care products more than women, a trend report has revealed.

According to a recent sales trend report by online shopping platform Snapdeal, men bought 2.5 times more personal grooming electronics in 2015. The growth rate of men personal grooming categories is still 20 percent more than women grooming electronics.
When it comes to fragrance, men get three times the number of perfumes bought by women, and in fact the sales of men’s fairness creams also grew by 50 percent in the last six months.
“This is a growing trend across the entire assortment in the category, with grooming electronics and fairness creams being the most sought after products by men.
“In fact, during the recent Snapdeal Republic Day sale, men’s shaving trimmers were the highest selling non-mobile electronic products. Also, we sell more face scrubs and bodywashes to men than women,” Rahul Taneja, vice-president – Category Development, Snapdeal, said in a statement.
The report further indicated that amongst women, the make-up category is extremely popular online.