UN condemn Uganda bombings

New York, July 13 (DPA) The United Nations Security Council and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Monday sharply condemned the triple terrorist attacks in the Ugandan capital of Kampala that killed at least 74 people.

Ban called the bombings ‘vicious’ in a statement issued by his spokesman.

‘The Secretary-General hopes that the perpetrators of these acts will be brought to justice and prosecuted,’ the spokesman said.

Nigerian UN ambassador Joy Ogwu, current president of the security council, called for justice against the terrorists, the organisers and those who financed the attacks.

Hundreds were wounded in the attack that came as hordes of Ugandans watched the final football match of the World Cup at communal gatherings in the East African country.

The Somalia-based al-Shaabab militia claimed credit for the bombings. A spokesman for the group warned the central African country of Burundi that it would be next unless it withdraws its soldiers from peacekeeping forces in Somalia.