Man forces son to eat school report

London, May 27 (IANS) Furious at his son’s poor school report, a father in France forced the boy to chew and swallow the sheets of paper and later admitted that he had ‘lost his temper’ and had ‘over-reacted’.

The angry father stuffed the school report into his 12-year-old son’s mouth and ordered him to eat it earlier this month.

The boy found it difficult to eat the three sheets of paper. His father then attempted to force it down his throat with his finger, a court in Poitiers, western France, was told.

The next day, a teacher at his school noticed the boy’s bruised lips and black eye, leading to the father’s arrest. He was charged with assault, Daily Mail reported Thursday.

‘It was a poor report and I lost my temper. I sent him up to his room, then followed him up there with the report. I over-reacted. I have apologised to my son for what I did and things have been much better since,’ the man was quoted as telling the court.

The man was handed a two months suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay his son a symbolic one euro in damages.