3 dead, 155 injured in Tanzania blast

Dar es Salaam, April 30 (Inditop) At least three people were killed and 155 wounded in blast that took place at a military depot outside Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam city, police said Thursday.

Twenty-eight of the wounded are reportedly in a critical condition.

Witnesses said they heard several explosions Wednesday at Tanzania People’s Defence Forces base at Mbagala, which is 15 km from the Dar es Salaam city centre.

Aisha Mahita, chief medical officer at Dar es Salaam’s Temeke District Hospital, said the hospital had received two unidentified bodies and over 100 wounded people.

Police Force Operational Commissioner Paul Chagonja said the blast was caused by a fire at the armoury, but “it is too early to establish the cause of the fire”.

Both police and local residents reported that unexploded ammunitions including rockets and missiles had landed inside residential areas.