Assam Scheduled Caste communities living in ‘hell’: Buta Singh

Guwahati, Nov 30 ( Chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes Buta Singh has lashed out at the Assam government for failing to meet the basic needs of the backward sections of the society, saying such people were living in “hell”.

“I am deeply anguished and disturbed to see the plight of the Scheduled Caste people living in Assam. I would say they are living in hell with their conditions simply indescribable,” Singh told journalists Monday at the end of his five-day Assam visit.

Singh and other members of the commission visited various places in and around Guwahati inhabited by Scheduled Caste people, particularly sweeper colonies, and were dismayed by their living conditions.

“I would surely take up the issue with the central government and see to it that the Assam government is forced to wake up and do something for the welfare of this oppressed section of the society,” Singh said.

“I would also apprise the president about the plight of these people in the state of Assam,” an angry Singh said.

Singh also slammed the state government for failing to implement projects and schemes meant for the welfare of the Scheduled Caste community.

“Utilisation of central funds meant for development of Scheduled Caste communities were dismal, while the state government didn’t even go by the safeguards guaranteed by the Constitution of India to the community,” Singh said.

“The replies given to the commission by the Assam government were very casual and reflect the insincerity of the government. How can the government reply to questions like development in words such as ‘nil’ or ‘not applicable’,” he said.

Lashing out at the Congress-run Assam government, Singh said central funds earmarked for Scheduled Caste development were not released to the concerned departments.

“There is no system in place to monitor development projects in Assam,” Singh said.

He also said posts reserved for the Scheduled Caste communities were not filled in Assam.