‘X Factor’ auditions in cozy clubs!

London, March 20 (IANS) Music reality show “X Factor” is set to change its 10-year-old format. Contestants will now audition in cozy clubs, rather than in a “drab room”.

“This year the show will feature a lot of changes in a bid to win back the millions of fans who have deserted in recent years,” said Simon Cowell, actor and one of the judges on the show, reports thesun.co.uk.
The production team wants the auditions area that was introduced in 2009 to be changed as viewers are too used to it.
“They are considering a number of changes, including going back to the original set-up of contestants singing for the judges in a drab room. But some senior staff members have suggested they sing in jazz clubs, working men’s clubs and social clubs in towns and cities across Britain.
“We always talk about the singer’s ‘journey’ but visually the live shows don’t seem much different from the auditions. We need a significant point of difference between the audition and the live show. Smaller venues is the latest idea and it’s one we quite like as it’s new and could feel fresh,” a source was quoted as saying.