Woman sues airline for killing her pet dog

Beijing, Jan 10 (IANS) A woman in China has sued an airline and demanded about 38,000 yuan (over $6,000) in damages over her dog’s death who was shot dead on an airport runway in Hainan province ostensibly to ensure safety.

The pet owner surnamed Ni accused the airline of not giving a proper explanation for the dog’s death and sued it in Beijing, the Shanghai Daily reported.

‘I paid 136 yuan for my pet’s flight from Beijing to Kaikou, but she wasn’t in good care. The Hainan Airlines apparently violated the contract,’ the daily cited Beijing Morning Post quoting Ni as saying.

As per the airport authorities, the woman’s white puppy, named Ge Ge, escaped from a plastic cage that got loose on the luggage carousel and ran toward the runway Jan 2. The airport staff tried to get the dog but failed. As another plane was scheduled to land a minute later, the little dog had to be shot, the airport authorities maintained.

The woman watched a video footage later and wondered how could her dog run away from its cage.

‘Besides, the cage lid was not pushed open. It was opened by someone and the belt fastening the cage wasn’t torn,’ said Ni.