Williams wants to host own chat show

London, March 24 (IANS) Singer-songwriter Robbie Williams says he follows TV host and comedian Alan Carr very regularly, and shared his desire to host his own such show some day. He also believes he will make a good interviewer.

“Someone wrote about how annoying it can be when I interview people and don’t let them interview me. But the reasons for this are threefold: firstly, I quite fancy myself as some sort of host or interviewer and like to practise, so it’s something I may do at some point,” thesun.co.uk quoted Williams as saying.
“Secondly, 99 percent of interviews are crap, mediocre questions, and thirdly, I’m genuinely interested in people,” the 39-year-old added.
Though he wants to be like chatty man Carr, but Williams still gets affected by what people’s perceptions about him.
“There are also some people in the forums that are really bad for my confidence. Some of the stuff I’ve read in there has really struck a chord. Reading some stuff about how I am these days, has festered somewhat and I will carry some of these words with me on stage in the summer,” he said.