Warhol Museum not to exhibit Mao paintings in China

Beijing, March 28 (IANS/EFE) An exhibition of the work of Andy Warhol, the father of Pop Art, on tour in Asia will not be allowed to show the late artist’s celebrated portraits of Mao Zedong during its Beijing and Shanghai stops, the Andy Warhol Museum said.

The exhibition’s curators had hoped to show eight of the portraits, which were done in 1972, but the museum “understands that certain images can still not be shown in China”, the Pittsburgh-based museum’s director, Eric Shiner, said in a statement.
Officials have not confirmed that the images were censored in China, where images of Mao and the Cultural Revolution are often used by Chinese artists in their work, often with the same “pop” and ironic aims of Warhol (1928-87).
One of the many images of Mao produced by Warhol was exhibited in 2006 at an international art event organized by Spanish gallery owner Carlos Bergantinos in Beijing.
The “Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal” exhibition, curated by the Warhol Museum and featuring more than 300 works, included Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo on its 2012-14 Asia tour.