War games proved Iran’s defence capability: Report

Tehran, Nov 28 (Inditop.com) Recent war games have proved the defence capability of the Iranian armed forces in protecting key military installations, especially the nuclear sites, in the event of any attack, a media report said.

The report from the ‘Defenders of the Sky of Velayat II military air exercise’ said that the five-day drill ended Thursday. The exercise covered an area of 600,000 sq km (230,000 square miles) in the northwest, west, south and southwest of Iran.

In these war games, the Air Force and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Corps Aerospace test-fired anti-aircraft systems, targeting mock enemies, Mehr news quoted the report as saying.

Medium-range surface-to-air Hawk missiles, SAM 6 missile systems, Skyguard fire control units as well as Oerlikon 20 mm cannons and 23 mm cannons were successfully tested.

In addition, fighter jets struck mock enemy stealth bombers and fighter jets in sensitive areas of the country.