US military drops weapons in areas held by IS in Iraq

Baghdad, Dec 27 (IANS) Volunteer forces in Iraq fighting against the Islamic State (IS) terrorists said US military aircraft dropped weapons in areas held by the terrorist group, Press TV reported Saturday.

According to the fighters, American helicopters dropped boxes of weapons in Yathrib and Balad districts in Iraq’s Salahuddin Province Friday.
The report comes as the Iraqi army and volunteer fighters appear to be gaining the upper hand and making significant gains against IS.
In October, a video showed the terrorist group captured a bundle of US weapons airdropped in the Syrian border town of Kobani.
The US military admitted that it had dropped 28 bundles filled with grenades, mortar rounds and other supplies that were intended for Kurdish fighters.
The video showed masked terrorists inspecting the military equipment, which was airdropped in the areas controlled by IS near Kobani.
The US Central Command said the airdrops — including weapons, ammunition and medical supplies — were “intended to enable continued resistance against IS’s attempts to take Kobani.”
The US and its allies have been conducting airstrikes against IS in Iraq and Syria.
They said they were carrying out the airstrikes against the IS in both countries in order to curb their advance in the region. However, the air raids have so far failed to check the insurgents’ military gains.