Ukrainian parliament approves protest amnesty law

Kiev, Jan 30 (IANS) The Ukrainian parliament has approved a bill to grant amnesty to protestors arrested during the anti-government rallies in Kiev and other major cities, the parliament’s press service said Thursday.

With at least 226 votes needed to approve the bill, 232 lawmakers of the 416 present in parliament supported the legislation late Wednesday, reported Xinhua.
According to the draft law, police would free all protestors arrested during demonstrations since Nov 21, only if they abandon the buildings they have seized within 15 days.
The bill would not apply to some administrative offices in Kiev and a protestor camp at the Independence Square, the main site of the protests.
The amnesty bill is one of the concessions from President Viktor Yanukovych to opposition aimed at ending the two-month protests, which left at least four activists killed and hundreds of people, including police officers injured.
Protests in Ukraine turned violent 11 days ago when radical activists attacked police with fireworks and petrol bombs.
Hundreds of protestors have been detained for attacking police during the clashes. The activists also seized a score of administrative buildings in many parts of Ukraine.