‘Ukrainian economy stable despite political crisis’

Kiev, Jan 30 (IANS) The Ukrainian economy is getting on the right track despite an ongoing political crisis fuelled by anti-government protests, Acting Prime Minister Sergey Arbuzov said Wednesday.

“Despite the tense situation in the society, the president and the government managed to keep control over Ukraine’s economy and budget system,” Xinhua quoted Arbuzov telling a cabinet meeting.
Ukraine’s banking system remains in a strong position as the central bank permanently injects liquidity to the market, supporting the country’s economic performance, he said, adding that despite the ongoing political crisis, the government managed to ensure social safety while paying welfare benefits to vulnerable groups fully and in time.
The cabinet is also trying its best to protect the image of the East European country as a reliable partner on the world arena, he said.
Arbuzov took over from prime minister Mykola Azarov Tuesday, who decided to quit over the political crisis.