Ukraine stops cargo, passenger trains to Crimea

Simferopol (Crimea), Dec 27, (IANS/TASS) Ukraine has stopped cargo and passenger train movements to Crimea from Saturday morning, Crimean Railway head Andrei Karakulkiny said.

“This is a misunderstanding. People have to return tickets. Queues have formed at railway ticket offices,” the official said, adding that people were concerned about their families and relatives in Crimea and Ukraine.
He said 10 trains run between Crimea and Ukraine on a daily basis. “At this moment, all trains have been stopped. No cargoes have been allowed in both directions.”
“We’re ready to add cars. If the need arises, we can increase their number to allow passengers to go to Crimea by ferry. The Russian government and the Crimean leadership are dealing with the problem,” he said.
On December 26, Ukraine said it stopped motor and railway service with Crimea which joined Russia in March, 2014.
“Saturday motor carriers and owners of bus terminals should stop ticket sales and passenger carriage by routes which link Ukraine with Crimea,” the Ukrainian infrastructure ministry said.