UAE’s cancer patient care group to mark Cancer Day

Abu Dhabi, Jan 31 (IANS/WAM) Rahma, the UAE’s cancer patient care society, will mark World Cancer Day by hosting an event on Monday in Abu Dhabi.

During the event, Nora Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi, director-general of Rahma, will talk about the significance of the World Cancer Day as an occasion that reminds us of the need to provide financial, psychological and social support for cancer patients.
Since its establishment, Rahma has been cooperating with all healthcare providers and active charitable societies to serve members of the UAE community in the light of the big number of cancer patients who need financial, social, psychological and healthcare support, within a framework of humanitarian and social solidarity.
Al-Suwaidi said Rahma is “carrying the burden of a noble humanitarian task which is needed by cancer patients in the UAE and around the world”.
Rahma follows a set of controls and standards to help it achieve its objectives based on the UAE’s humanitarian and civil principles, values and ideals that do not discriminate between people on the basis of their religion, race or colour under any conditions, it said.
World Cancer Day is an annual event organised by the Union for International Cancer Control on February 4 to raise awareness globally about the risks of cancer and promote prevention, early diagnosis and treatment.
Cancer is a main health issue and a major cause of death worldwide.