Turkish trinkets draw crowds at trade fair

New Delhi, Nov 17 (Inditop.com) It’s a talisman to keep greedy eyes at bay but at the India International Trade Fair here, the Nazar boncugu, or the Turkish Evil Eye, is grabbing all attention.

Step inside 12-B, the international pavilion of the trade fair at Pragati Maidan, and the “evil eye” is bound to catch your eye with its three hues – light blue, dark blue and white.

“The Nazar has a mysterious look to it. It is pretty and mysterious – a combination people find very hard to resist. No wonder we have been having such good sale,” said Nazneen, the woman behind the counter with a scarf around her head.

From simple key chains and pendants to bracelets, decorative items, wall hangings and ear rings – the blue eye is everywhere and people are simply lapping it up.

“My friend had gone to Turkey last year and he bought a trinket with a Nazar on it and hung it on his door. It looks so exquisite. I kept telling him that I wanted one too. When I came to the trade fair and saw the Turkish stalls had it I immediately bought one,” Sharda Nanda, a buyer, told IANS.

Besides the evil eye, a variety of lamps that can be hung and have silver work on them are also drawing attention.

Rajiv Mehrotra, a businessman, said: “I really like these lamps but they are a little expensive, in the price range of Rs.4,000 upwards. However, I was quite taken aback when I saw a person bargaining. I joined her and we got a decent discount.”

The 29th edition of the India International Trade Fair opened for business visitors Saturday with 7,500 domestic and overseas exhibitors from 29 countries.

The 14-day fair, that has China as the focus country and Thailand as the partner nation this year, will open for the public Nov 19 as the first five days have been reserved exclusively for business visitors with an entry fee of Rs.400 during these days.

For the public, the entry fee is Rs.30 on weekdays and Rs.60 on weekends.