Turkish military captures Syrian with weapons

Ankara, Dec 30 (IANS) Turkish security forces captured a Syrian national trying to enter Turkey illegally and with weapons, according to media reports Tuesday.

Turkish soldiers noticed eight people trying to cross the border and warned them to stop, Xinhua reported, citing Turkey’s Dogan News Agency.
The suspects reportedly disobeyed the warning and tried to escape into Syria. Seven of them however, escaped as soldiers fired in the air.
The Turkish forces also seized 15 rocket launchers, according to the report.
Smuggling activities have been rising along the 910 km-long Turkey-Syria border as a result of the Syrian crisis.
Turkey is facing difficulties in protecting its border owing to the conflict in neighbouring Syria, which has spilled over into Turkish territories, which has led to a refugee crisis, illegal smuggling and death threats.
The Turkish military employs advanced technology and devices, including thermal cameras, to secure its border.