Totti wishes Roma beat Juventus

Rome, Jan 4 (IANS) Roma icon Francesco Totti has insisted that the Italy capital side will go to seek a win instead of a draw against Juventus when they are to clash Sunday, Xinhua reported Friday.

Roma, who remain unbeaten this season, will go to Turin to challenge the Series A leaders the League leaders and Totti is keen to see the five-point gap between the two reduced.
“This season, we have beaten all the best team except Juventus,” Totti said. “We are not interested in the draw, we want to win.”
“On an individual basis, one against one, we are better than Juve, but they are better as a team. The difference is that they have known each other for a while, and they’ve won which helps you to win,” he said.
The Roma skipper treated the tie against Juventus as a derby.
“The Rome derby is a unique encounter, but games against Juventus are like a second derby for me. It was like, from a fan’s perspective, there has always been a footballing hatred between the two,” he said.