Three apps will help you keep New Year resolutions

Washington, Dec 28 (IANS) Do you find keeping New Year’s resolutions a Herculean task? Download these apps.

A trio of apps called Lift, Workflow and Hours will help you keep your resolutions, the Washington Post reported.
The Lift app offers a menu of self-improvement, which helps to set priorities for each day.
Lift will also guide you through one-on-one chats with a personal coach at the cost of $15 a week.
Available for Android and iOS devices, the app also breaks your goals down into doable steps so that you can start to build healthier habits.
Another app Workflow helps you save a lot of time if you find yourself multi-tasking on your smartphone.
It automates tasks across different apps, streamlining what would normally take a lot of swiping, to a few taps.
You can create shortcuts for Instagram and Twitter with the help of this app. The app is available for iOS.
The third app called Hours helps you find out how much time you actually spend working toward your goals.
When you move onto a new task, launch the app and tap the name of the project.
Hours makes it easy to find out the cumulative time you spend on each, and a timeline gives you a good sense of how you have spent your day. The app is also available for iOS.