Thai court not to issue injunction over emergency

Bangkok, Jan 31 (IANS) Thailand Civil Court Friday decided not to issue an injunction over the legality of the state of emergency imposed by the government in Bangkok.

The court announced that as it was not stated in the decree that the government would crack down on protestors, there was no reason to issue a suspension over the implementation of the decree.
Thaworn Senneam, a member of the opposition People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), earlier filed a suit with the court to request for an injunction to suspend the emergency, reported Xinhua.
The PDRC said its anti-government rally was peaceful, according to an earlier ruling by a court.
The civil court is scheduled to hold the first hearing of the case Feb 6.
The Thai caretaker government Jan 21 invoked an emergency decree in the capital, Bangkok and some nearby areas for 60 days, amid escalating violence and protests.
The country’s general elections will be held Feb 2 despite the disagreement of the election commission and the boycott of the opposition.
Though not agreeing with the decision to go ahead with the voting, the election commission said after a meeting with the government Tuesday that it would still do its best to organise the elections.
Chief of Thai police’s centre to maintain peace during the elections Friday said over 200,000 policemen would be deployed across the country to ensure security, in addition to 7,000 soldiers in areas where emergency has been invoked.