Ten of Princess Diana’s dresses auctioned

London, March 20 (IANS/EFE) Britain’s Kerry Taylor auction house sold in a public bidding Tuesday 10 dresses that belonged to the late Princess Diana for 862,800 pounds ($1.3 million).

A midnight blue velvet gown designed by Victor Edelstein that Diana wore at a 1985 White House dinner was the garment that brought the most at the celebrated London auction house: $362,563.
Another velvet dress – this one black and designed by Catherine Walker – that Diana wore in 1997 at a Vanity Fair photo shoot went for $163,153.
Going for the same price was another pleated velvet evening gown created by Walker – one of Diana’s fashion favourites – that she wore in 1985 during a state visit to Australia.
A sequined sea-green evening dress by the same designer that Diana also included in her luggage on the Australia trip brought $135,961 at the auction.