Stolen car linked to Indian’s disappearance in Australia

Canberra, Jan 30 (IANS) A stolen car may have been involved in an Indian delivery van driver’s mysterious disappearance in Australia, a police officer said Friday.

Shiva Chauhan, 27, went missing after carrying out his regular deliveries May 1 last year with his locked van found next day in Keysborough, a suburb of Melbourne.
“Our investigations suggest a stolen Toyota Camry may have been involved in Shiva’s disappearance. That vehicle is still outstanding and we’d like to locate it as it may afford evidence in relation to his disappearance,” Herald Sun quoted detective inspector Jill Dyson as saying.
He added that police feared the bread delivery driver met foul play.
“It (the car) was reported stolen following his disappearance. We have received information to suggest that this vehicle is involved. From the outset it was fairly clear something may have happened to him.”
Police also believe that the car, which is yet to be recovered, is a strong lead and that Chauhan may have been intercepted during his deliveries, the report said.
“There is nothing in his past that would suggest he would disappear voluntarily,” Dyson said.
Shiva reportedly migrated to Australia on a student visa from Punjab.