Stephen Gately left more than a million pounds for lover

London, May 27 (IANS) Boyzone star Stephen Gately’s partner Andy Cowles will get more than 1 million pounds from the singer’s estate, says a report.

Stephen and Internet entrepreneur Andy had a civil partnership ceremony in London in 2006.

Stephen, who died in Majorca last October after a drug and booze fuelled romp at the age of 33, did not leave a will. Details of his 3.3 million pounds fortune were made public for the first time Wednesday and revealed his civil partner Andy will split the cash with his parents, reports

But the singer had debts of almost 2 million pounds leaving just under 1.5 million pounds.

Andy will inherit 450,000 pounds outright and half of the rest of Stephen’s estate, 519,910 pounds, as well as his personal possessions.

The remaining 519,910 pounds will go to Stephen’s mum Margaret and dad Martin. His sister Michelle and brothers Mark, Alan and Tony will get nothing.

Days after Stephen’s death Andy, 32, said that he would not accept any of his partner’s fortune and insisted the money should either go to charity or to his family.

Mystery has always surrounded Stephen’s lack of a will amid reports that a version had gone missing.

At the time of his death, Stephen’s assets were believed to be around 10 million pounds. But figures released by the Probate Registry showed that after his affairs were sorted out, he left just over a tenth after tax.

Solicitors Mishcon de Reya have been running his estate.

Court papers show the main benefactor is Andy, of North London.

Stephen and Andy bought an apartment on the Spanish island, where the singer was found dead after a night out.