South Korea promises to help Bangladesh football

Dhaka, Dec 28 (IANS) South Korea Football Association (KFA) president Chung Mong Gyu, who is visiting Bangladesh, hoped to extend his support to football in the country.

The KFA president discussed quite a few possibilities with Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) president Kazi Salahuddin here, reports
“We want to continue the football friendship between the two countries by sending coaches and inviting Sheikh Jamal (sports club) to Korea to train with us,” Mong Gyu said.
“At the national level, we have discussed the possibilities of bringing Korean national teams here. We have also discussed exchanging club tours and sending our coaches to this country.”
Salahuddin said that Bangladesh are seeking technical assistance from the Koreans.
“Since Korea has developed significantly in youth football, I’m trying to pick their brains to work in their way. For one, we can have coaches for the BFF Academy, while I have also asked him to send more Korean teams here as well as to invite our teams to Korea,” said Salahuddin.