Soon, gel to make your tummy feel full

London, Jan 7 (IANS) For those who indulge in over-eating, here comes a gel that thickens soft food in the gut and makes you feel full.

Scientists from University of Birmingham in Britain have created an edible gel that does the trick.
The researchers extracted the gel from two biopolymers – low acyl and high acyl gellan gum.
These gums are derived from seaweed, starch and citrus peel, said the study published in the journal Food Hydrocolloids.
How does it work?
“The gel works by becoming more solid when it hits an acidic stomach-like environment. It breaks down slowly, giving your brain a chance to catch on that your stomach is full,” said Jennifer Bradbeer, chemical engineering research fellow at University of Birmingham.
What is next?
The scientists are now planning to work on combining the gel with starch or sugars.
This would release it more slowly in the stomach, prolonging the full effect, said the study.