Soon, ‘fly’ underwater to explore marine world

New York, Jan 28 (IANS) It’s time to ‘fly’ underwater to explore the hidden, mesmerising world of the ocean.

California-based Hawkes Ocean Technologies has developed a two-seater underwater vehicle that would take you below the surface, swim among marine animals, navigate through underwater canyons and even perform aquatic barrel rolls, said a report in the San Francisco Chronicle.
Called DeepFlight Super Falcon, the winged vehicle can take adventurers on undersea joyrides.
“It is like an airplane with wings upside down,” Graham Hawkes, founder and chief technical officer of Hawkes Ocean Technologies, was quoted as saying.
“It is like flying in the air, but we are flying underwater,” he added.
The submersible can carry two to three passengers and can dive to a depth of about 120 metres.
The Super Falcon dives underwater like a whale – using thrust to generate ‘downward lift’ to help the vehicle descend below the water’s surface.
If an emergency occurs, or the vehicle loses power underwater, it will simply float back to the surface, said the report.
Here is a catch.
You need deep pockets to enjoy this joyride underneath as the clientèle includes names like British tycoon Richard Branson and famed American adventurer Steve Fossett.
The Super Falcon currently costs $1.7 million and includes on-site pilot and operations training.