Solar powered rickshaws? India and UK set up energy hub

London, April 14 (Inditop) Rickshaws powered by solar energy could be your next mode of transport, courtesy of a Commonwealth initiative.

The Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) has set up an incubation hub in partnership with the Indian government to develop cutting edge energy-saving technologies, it announced Tuesday.

The hub, which also involves the Indian Institute of Management – Ahmedabad, the UK Carbon Trust and British Petroleum’s Alternative Energy Group, will work on technologies that will be designed for Indian city and rural living, as well as transport.

By involving academics as well as industry, the hub will be able to get ideas commercialised quickly, CBC said.

“Our new incubation hub will get ideas from everywhere, including the Indian entrepreneurs. Hopefully, this hub can get these ideas backed and commercialised quickly,” said CBC Director General Mohan Kaul.

“I look forward to seeing the first solar powered rickshaw,” he added.