Snooker: Varsha, Srikrishna notch three wins in Bucharest

Bucharest, July 22 (IANS) India’s Varsha Sanjeev notched three wins in five matches in the preliminary league of the women’s section to remain on course for a knockout berth in the IBSF World Under-21 snooker championship in progress here.

Also registering three wins was Srikrishna Suryanarayanan in the men’s section after five matches while the other Indians did not fare as well.
The results (league):
Women: Varsha Sanjeev bt Anastasija Singurindi (Russia) 3-1; Kaivalya Velagapudi bt Mara Tudusciuc (Romania) 3-0; Ishika Shah bt Hyemin Choi (S Korea) 3-0; Vaishnavi Bonda lost to Anastasiya Trunina (Belarus) 1-3; Vaishnavi Bonda lost to Siripaporn Nuanthakhamjan (Thailand) 0-3; Varsha Sanjeev lost to Nutcharat Wongharuthai (Thailand) 0-3; Ishika Shah lost to Nutcharat Wongharuthai 0-3; Ishika Shah bt Anastasija Singurindi 3-2; Doyel Dey lost to Nikoleta Nikolova (Bulgaria) 0-3; Varsha Sanjeev bt Yana Shut (Belarus) 3-0; Vaishnavi Bonda bt Mara Tudusciuc 3-1; Doyel Dey bt Kaivalya Velagapudi 3-1.
Men: Avinash Kumar lost to Ming Wa Man (Hong Kong) 1-4; Shrikrishna Suryanarayanan lost to Tom Rees (Wales) 1-4; Hrithik Jain bt Mario Amza (Romania) 4-0; Avinash Kumar lost to Louis HeathcoteAA(England) 0-4; Suryanarayanan lost to Joseph O’Connor (England) 0-4; Avinash Kumar bt Jayme White (Aus) 4-1; Hrithik Jain lost to Yun Fung Tam (Hong Kong) 1-4.