Seth Rogen surprises fans during ‘The Interview’ screening

Los Angeles, Dec 26 (IANS) Actor, co-director and writer of the controversial comedy film “The Interview” Seth Rogen made a surprise visit to a theatre here on Christmas.

The 32-year-old and his co-director and co-writer Evan Goldberg, both took the stage Thursday midnight at the Cinefamily, former home of Los Angeles’ Silent Movie Theatre, reports
The 184-seat venue is one among 320 cinemas where “The Interview” is being screened, following a surprise decision by Sony to release the movie, including as a $5.99 paid download, after initially pulling it amid threats from hackers who had denounced the movie and launched a cyber attack on the studio.
“Thank you so f**king much for coming,” Rogen told the crowd, standing in between Goldberg and a man dressed in a Santa costume and a red, white and blue hat.
“We thought this might not happen at all,” he added.