Ryan Reynolds smuggled apple pie for Blake Lively

Los Angeles, Jan 31 (IANS) Actor Ryan Reynolds once risked himself getting punished for smuggling to satisfy his wife Blake Lively’s penchant for sweet treats.

Reynolds revealed on “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday that he smuggled some apple pies across the Canadian border for Blake, reports aceshowbiz.com.
“My wife is a foodie and loves these apple pies they make in Vancouver where I grew up. So we grabbed a bunch of them and we were heading back down to the States and across the border,” Reynolds said.
“The guard knew something was going on as I’ve the worst poker face ever and he had me on a hook,” he added.
Luckily, the guard let him go with the apple pies after making him do some funny things.
“He said, ‘You remember you did that movie ‘Just Friends’ and at the end you sang ‘I Swear’?’ I said, ‘Yes’, and he said, ‘Go ahead.’ He was saying dance monkey and I danced! I sang that thing in the best falsetto I had and I was on my way through the border eating pie by the next stop,” Reynolds recalled.