Russian anti-doping agency signs agreement with UK organisation

Moscow, Feb 1 (IANS) Russia’s anti-doping agency (RUSADA) and the United Kingdom’s national anti-doping organisation (UKAD) have signed a cooperation agreement, Russian sports minister’s adviser Natalia Zhelanova said on Monday.

“Under the agreement with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) RUSADA and UKAD will be responsible for planning the tests of Russian athletes,” Zhelanova said, reports Tass.
The agencies will also have the authority to consider applications for issuing therapeutic permission for athletes who have to take drugs on the blacklist due to health problems.
“RUSADA and UKAD will also jointly decide on what laboratories will examine the doping samples,” the adviser said, adding that no information has been provided so far where the samples will be sent. The agreement will be in force until RUSADA returns to its former status, she added.
“The joint activity of RUSADA and UKAD is limited to a certain time frame,” Zhelanova said.
“As I understand, UKAD will implement its services in Russia until RUSADA is acknowledged under WADA code and the Russian anti-doping agency gets back its previous status.”
WADA’s founders who convened for their council meeting in Colorado Springs in the United States on November 18 approved a decision by the organisation’s committee that RUSADA was not in compliance with WADA rules.