Rob Kardashian better than Tyga: Blac Chyna

Los Angeles, Jan 29 (IANS) Model Blac Chyna, who is rumoured to have a romantic relationship with reality TV personality Rob Kardashian, reportedly compared Rob’s skills in bed to her former husband and rapper Tyga. She claimed that the former was better than the latter.

According to’s source, Chyna wanted people to know how great her and Rob’s sex life was, reports
“Blac Chyna is totally playing to Rob’s ego, she’s been telling him that he’s better in bed than Tyga. He hasn’t had this much attention from a woman in a long time, she’s got him sprung,” the insider said.
The source speculated that Chyna did this to get back at her longtime enemy rality TV personality Kylie Jenner, whom she accused of stealing the rapper from her.
“A lot of people are convinced she’s just playing him and it’s all just about getting back at Kylie, but it definitely is doing Rob good in the short-term,” the insider continued.
Blac spread the dating rumour on January 25, the same day Tyga shared that he wanted to marry Kylie.
She posted a sweet Instagram photograph which featured herself embraced by Rob.