Rebel Wilson, Kelly Osbourne ask Justin Bieber out on date

Las Vegas, Jan 22 (IANS) Actress-comedienne Rebel Wilson and actress-singer Kelly Osbourne asked pop star Justin Bieber out on a date at a Jennifer Lopez concert here.

Wilson and Osbourne, who claimed to be successful in their mission, even showed how to be pickup artists like them by sharing evidence of their conversation with Bieber.
Both of them took to their own Instagram accounts to post a photograph of a handwritten note in which they introduced themselves to Bieber and seduced him, reports
“Dear Justin, my name is Kelly Osbourne and my name is Rebel Wilson. We think you should take our sexy hot a**es out after the show (nothing weird),” the note read.
They also drew a “yes” and “no” box and Justin apparently responded to the invitation by putting a tick mark on the “yes” box.
They didn’t stop there as Osbourne shared another image of a handwritten note in which they asked Bieber whether he would be taking them to his hotel or their hotel.
“This s**t between @rebelwilson @justinbieber and I is getting #real,” the former “Fashion Police” co-host captioned it.