Rajapaksa warns of attempts to scuttle peace

Colombo, March 27 (IANS) Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapapaksa Wednesday warned of local and internationally attempts to scuttle peace in the island nation.

Addressing a Sri Lanka Freedom Party ceremony here, Rajapaksa said it was the right of all Sri Lankans to ensure that peace was protected in the country without falling prey to rumours, reports Xinhua.
He recalled that during the civil war, a lot of pressure was exerted by some countries on Sri Lanka.
But the government stood firm in achieving its objectives and protected the interest of its people in the process.
The president said the people in the north and south of the island were living together in unity following the defeat of the Tamil Tigers and such peace and unity must not be broken by any party or individual.
Rajapaksa’s comments come within a week after a US-sponsored resolution was passed against Sri Lanka at the UN Humans Rights Council in Geneva.
India also voted against the island nation and said it would encourage Sri Lanka to expedite the process of broad-based, inclusive and meaningful reconciliation.
Days after the resolution was passed, the US warned that international action may be initiated on Sri Lanka if the island failed to implement the latest resolution adopted at the UN Human Rights Council.
The US said Sri Lanka should listen to the words of the international community and implement the plans that have never been implemented.
After defeating the Tamil Tigers in May 2009, Rajapaksa’s government has been under continuous international pressure, especially from the Western countries, seeking an independent probe into war crimes allegations.