Rain displaces 12,000 in Argentina

Buenos Aires, Nov 26 (Inditop.com) Heavy rain has killed three people and displaced 12,000 in northeast Argentina, authorities said.

Two children drowned near Resistencia city, the capital of Chaco province, about 1200 km north of Buenos Aires, Xinhua reported.

In Goya City, 730 km north of Buenos Aires, a seven-year-old girl died when her house collapsed while she was sleeping.

About 5,000 people were evacuated in Chaco province while 3,500 were evacuated in Corrientes province, and 3,200 in Concordia city.

Concordia mayor Gustavo Bordet said the situation was critical because the Uruguay River reached a level of 14.5-metres , 50 cm less than the level required for declaration of general alert.

The rain began to lash the region early Tuesday morning. Earlier, the region had been affected by a severe drought, which killed thousands of livestock and poultry.