Radical theory says ‘inanimate’ objects also alive

Washington, Jan 30 (IANS) Even so-called inanimate matter — DNA, water and planets included — are all alive, asserts a revolutionary new theory.

“Modern science lacks a unifying, interdisciplinary theory of life. In other words, current theories are unable to explain why life is the way it is and not any other way,” says molecular biologist Erik Andrulis, who propounded the theory.

His “Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life,” explains not only the evolutionary emergence of life on earth and in the universe but also the structure and function of existing cells and biospheres, reports the journal Life.

By showing that the earth is theoretically synonymous with life, Andrulis’ paradigm substantiates the Gaian premise that all organisms and their surroundings on earth are closely integrated to form a single self-regulating complex system.

Applicable to all areas of science and medicine, this novel paradigm aims to catalyze a veritable renaissance, says Andrulis, assistant professor of molecular biology at Case Western Reserve University.

Besides resolving long-standing paradoxes and puzzles in chemistry and biology, Andrulis’ theory unifies quantum and celestial mechanics, according to a Case Western statement.

His unorthodox solution differs from mainstream approaches, like string theory. His basic idea is that all physical reality can be modelled by a single geometric entity with life-like characteristics: the gyre.

The so-called “gyromodel” depicts objects — particles, atoms, chemicals, molecules, and cells — as quantized packets of energy and matter that cycle between excited and ground states around a singularity, the gyromodel’s centre.

By fitting the gyromodel to facts accumulated over scientific history, Andrulis confirms that the eight laws of nature formally establish there is one physical reality. One of them dictates that atoms in the human body and solar systems move and behave in the exact same manner.

-Indo-Asian News Service