Paraguayan president faces third paternity claim

Asuncion, April 23 (Inditop) A third woman has claimed that Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo has fathered her 16-month-old boy and demanded the former Catholic bishop to acknowledge paternity.

The claim comes just days after a woman said the head of the nation fathered her six-year-old boy while he was a priest. Two weeks ago Lugo had admitted that he fathered a child but has not acknowledged paternity in the more recent cases.

Damiana Hortensia Moran Amarilla, 39, said in her comments published in Paraguayan media that she revealed her case “solely so that the truth might be known”.

After the two case came up, I changed my “attitude and opted for revealing (this) and acting according to the truth and not allowing (myself) to be manipulated,” she added.

Moran, who had two sons, ages 20 and 21, with her former husband, said she met Lugo five years ago at around the time of her divorce.

She said that her “closer” contacts with him occurred in 2006, “after (Lugo) resigned as bishop of San Pedro”.

Since Lugo publicly admitted paternity of an illegitimate child, quite a stir has been created around the country, with derisive comments and press versions coming out about future revelations of more illegitimate children.

The president, who served as a bishop till 2007, renounced the priesthood to enter fully into politics.

Meanwhile, Gloria Rubin, the minister for women’s issues, said she will take the case of Leguizamon seriously and threatened to resign if there is any lack of transparency in the judicial procedures.

Rubin, who met Monday with Lugo together with other women in his Cabinet, said that they are waiting for the head of state to undergo a DNA test or that he reach out to the woman to solve the case.

Many government officials believe the allegations against the president were part of a campaign to damage Lugo’s reputation.