One killed in blasts outside CPC office in China

Beijing, Nov 6 (IANS) One person was killed and eight others were injured in explosions Wednesday morning in front of a provincial office building of the Communist Party of China, police said.

The blasts took place outside the office building of the Shanxi provincial committee of the Communist Party of China around 7:40 a.m. on the Yingze Street in Taiyuan, reported Xinhua citing the city’s public security bureau.
Among the eight injured, one was seriously wounded.
The explosions were caused by home-made bombs, police said.
Eight explosions were heard. An Explosive Ordnance Disposal team was dispatched to the scene, while no other explosive was discovered.
The presence of steel beads and circuit boards found scattered at the scene by an initial investigation indicate the incident was caused by home-made bombs, according to police.
Traffic at the site has been resumed, and investigations into the case are under way.
Liu Guoliang, a witness, saw a mini van blasted with heavy smoke and a lot of debris was scattered at the scene when he waited for traffic lights to change in front of the office building.