Obama loses his shirt – for a cover!

Washington, April 22 (Inditop) Barack Obama, President of the United States, has lost his shirt.

A shirtless Obama appearing on the cover of the May issue of Washingtonian Magazine hitting newsstands Wednesday, is causing a bit of a sizzle in the capital city, CNN reported.

Obama graces the cover, shirtless, in an issue that focuses on “26 Reasons to Love Living Here.” The number two reason: “Our new neighbour is hot.”

The particular photo choice, taken while Obama was vacationing in Hawaii over Christmas last year, is certainly an unconventional pick to showcase the commander-in-chief, the news channel said.

But Garrett Gaffe, editor-at-large for the magazine, told CNN the picture is appropriate because, “our feeling was that this wasn’t an ordinary presidency.”

“The Obamas, through their involvement in Washington, are helping to showcase just how exciting it is to be in Washington right now” he said. “We use the word ‘hot’ tongue in cheek with the photo.”

“He is a buff president that the paparazzi enjoy taking photos of,” Gaffe was quoted as saying.

Contacted by CNN, the White House declined to comment on the magazine’s cover.