NZ welcomes record 121,900 migrants in 2015

Wellington, Feb 1 (IANS) New Zealand welcomed a record 121,900 migrants, mostly from Asia in 2015, the government statistics agency said on Monday.

According to Statistics New Zealand, the country had a net gain – more arrivals than departures – of 5,500 migrants in December, down from the record high of 6,200 in November, Xinhua news agency reported.
Of the migrant arrivals in 2015, 25,300 were from Australia, 14,500 were from India, with three-quarters having student visas, and 11,000 were from China, with almost half having student visas.
Around 13,400 came from Britain, with almost half having work visas.
It resulted from a record 121,900 migrant arrivals and 57,000 migrant departures, said a statement from the agency.
Reserve Bank of New Zealand governor Graeme Wheeler said last week that continued strong net migration, along with tourism, would help raise New Zealand’s slowing economic growth this year.