Myanmar may use force to curb riots

Yangon, March 29 (IANS) Myanmar President U Thein Sein has warned of using force as a last resort to suppress the current rioting in the country and protect people.

“In general, I do not endorse the use of force to solve problem. However, I will not hesitate to use force as a last resort to protect the lives and safeguard the property of general public,” the president said.
He said it in his special speech to the nation through radio and clarified his stance on the recent violence in the country which started in Meikhtila and spread to several other places, Xinhua reported.
“We did not resort to the use of force immediately mainly because we do not want toils any possible endangerment of our ongoing democratic transition and reform efforts,” he said.
He stressed that the government was firmly committed to using the power vested by the constitution to deploy security forces and to protect the life, liberty and security of citizens with the framework of the existing laws.
The president urged the people to cooperate with each other on the basis of compassion, tolerance, open-mindedness and empathy.