Most South African women unhappy with sex lives: Study

Johannesburg, Dec 26 (IANS) Most South African women are not satisfied with their sex lives, a study has revealed while suggesting that low self-esteem in the bedroom may be the key reason for it.

While 44 percent women said they were dissatisfied with their time between the sheets, nearly 25 percent rarely experienced orgasm, found the study commissioned by online marketing research company Columinate and international condom manufacturer Durex.
The researchers interviewed 1,000 sexually active women of which 83 percent were in a stable relationship and 17 percent were single.
It was also found that 45 percent experienced an orgasm on a regular basis.
“South African women can improve their sex lives if they want to. However, they are going to have to gain a better understanding of their own needs, talk more openly about their desires and also look at ways to address self-esteem in the bedroom,” the authors noted.
Sexual health and well being is influenced by a myriad factors, emotional, physical and social issues, Longevity reported.