More suspects to be tried for baby-trafficking in China

Beijing, Jan 5 (IANS) More suspects involved in the case of an obstetrician trafficking seven babies, one of whom died, will go on trial Monday in China’s Shanxi province.

The People’s Court of Linwei district in Weinan city Sunday confirmed the scheduled trial to Xinhua, but refused to release the identities of the suspects.
On Dec 30, Zhang Shuxia, a doctor at Fuping County Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, pleaded guilty of selling seven babies to traffickers after persuading their parents to give up their “sick” newborns. She awaits sentencing.
The obstetrician’s involvement in baby trafficking and criminality across many provinces was exposed in July 2013, when a mother suspected her baby had been abducted. She reported the incident to police.
Zhang falsely claimed that the lady’s child had a congenital disease, according to Weinan Intermediate People’s Court. The baby was later found to be in good condition in neighbouring Henan province.
Further, a pair of twin baby girls were also rescued from neighbouring Shanxi province and Shandong province in China Aug 10 after their mother contacted police in Fuping.
At least nine suspects were detained in August, including Zhang, in the case. The hospital’s president, Wang Li, two other senior hospital managers, and three county officials were dismissed.