Modelling a bit of a nightmare: Cara Delevingne

Los Angeles, March 30 (IANS) Model Cara Delevingne says initially ramp walk is enjoyable, but after some time it becomes stressful.

The 20-year-old has been in the fashion world for almost three years and her perception towards work has definitely changed.
“I think when I started modeling three years ago, it was just a job, and I was so excited, everything was so new, so crazy,” Interview magazine quoted Delevingne as saying.
“I didn’t overthink anything. I just did it and enjoyed myself along the way. But after a few seasons, you get used to it, and there’s a lot you actually have to think about, and, I don’t know, it just makes you much more aware of what you look like and what other people think. It’s a bit of a nightmare,” she added.