Mick Jagger, Trent Reznor remember David Bowie

London, Jan 27 (IANS) Singers Mick Jagger and Trent Reznor have shared their musings on their relationship with late singer David Bowie.

Jagger, a long time friend of Bowie, recalled the duo’s open approach to sharing music and exchanging creative ideas with one another.
“He would come around my house and play me all his music. I remember him playing me different mixes of ‘Jean Genie’, which was really kind of Stones-y, in a way. That’s what I enjoyed: watching him develop as an artist…I didn’t mind sharing things with him, because he would share so much with me – it was a two-way street,” Jagger told Rolling Stone magazine, reports variety.com.
He declared the hit 1983 single “Let’s dance” as his favourite Bowie track, remembering how strongly New York City’s dance club scene influenced the duo at the time of its release.
“He had a chameleon-like ability to take on any genre, always with a unique take, musically and lyrically,” he said.
Reznor also recalled Bowie’s influence on his music career, sharing that each of the late musician’s albums resonated with a different phase in his life.
“His music really helped me relate to myself and figure out who I was. He was a tremendous inspiration in terms of what was possible, what the role of an entertainer could be, that there are no rules,” said Reznor, who struggled with alcohol and drug issues for a portion of their relationship.
Bowie passed away on January 10 following an 18-month battle with cancer.